A woman smiling inside a cryotherapy machine- Cerulean

8 Benefits of Cryotherapy

Are you wondering if Cryotherapy is right for you?

As you navigate the options for non-invasive and natural wellness options, have you consider the benefits that come from regular, weekly cryotherapy sessions?

Unlike the ice-bath and other cold therapy options, Cryotherapy DOES NOT lower muscle or body core temperatures, thereby avoiding the traditional drawbacks and discomforts associated with cold therapy. Consequently, there is no “recovery time” from your session and you are “ready to go” as soon as you get out of the cryosauna. As counter-intuitive this may be, you will actually feel a rush and feel warm from the inside out within minutes from the time your session ended,  and you will be ready to go on with your day with plenty of energy in the tank. The session itself is fast (3 mins or less), and therefore it is extremely easy to integrate Cryotherapy into your current weekly wellness and fitness regimen. 

Who does Cryotherapy?

A recent survey revealed that Cryotherapy is almost age independent and is used among a wide variety of age groups.

  • 3% of cryo users are between the ages of 30-39
  • 7% of cryo users are between the ages of 40-49
  • 7% of cryo users are between the ages of 18-29
  • 4% of cryo users are between the ages of 50-59
  • 9% of cryo users are between the ages of 60-69
  • 0% of cryo users are 70 or older.

8 Cryotherapy Benefits

The benefits that frequent users of Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy experience are multifaceted.

Whether you suffer from pain due to inflammation, you desire to boost your overall energy on an on-going basis, you want to speed-up your recover from exercising or physical activity, or you are looking to boost your metabolic rate to supplement to your weight loss program, Cryotherapy sessions on a  2-3 sessions per week basis can make a difference.