Environmental Based Training

Cerulean’s environmental approach to strengthening the inner body at the cellular level

When Fabrice Dechoux’ daughter, aged ten, was plagued with injuries that threatened her passion for tennis, he went on a search for answers. He found out that inflammation was the enemy. And that environmental based stimulation could make the difference. After years of struggling with pain, his daughter recovered in a matter of days to again pursue her USTA level play. The experience opened his eyes to a world of proven solutions he never knew existed.

Fabrice went on a journey throughout the world to find the most effective, non-invasive and proven methods for tapping the body’s true potential for healing, strength and wellness. He discovered that top professional athletes had access to environmental based modalities that are often unknown to the general public, the youth athletic community and committed weekend warriors. And when these modalities were available, they were typically hard to access and overpriced. It also became clear that these non-medical solutions offered tremendous benefits for non-athletes as well, particularly for pain management and total wellness.


Environmental based training gradually exposes the body to changing environments ( temperature, altitude, air pressure, air composition and gravity)  that stimulate the body to react and adapt in ways that strengthen every cellular process. This can lead to significant measurable improvement in well-being, fitness, longevity and athletic strength and performance.

Cerulean was founded to make these benefits available to all. We use those environments by themselves or in combinations to deliver unparalleled results that we can quantify with our extensive medical-grade physiological and cellular health level diagnostic testing.