Anti-Aging From Within

Stimulate your cells to “de-age” themselves by triggering your natural capacity for cellular rejuvenation throughout your entire body. Increase your metabolism to help achieve your ideal weight and reverse the slowdown of collagen production that typically occurs with aging. You’ll not only feel like you’ve turned back the hands of time, you’ll look it as well.

Our plans are tailored to your individualized physiology and current cellular health to support you in achieving your personal of anti-aging objectives.

Our medical-grade testing provides the foundation for your success and periodically monitors your progress as you move forward.

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Our comprehensive Body360 assessment includes a series of non-invasive Metabolic and Cellular Health Level tests that will help us customize your Anti-aging plan. The plan will focus on targeting any identified deficiencies and strengthening areas based on your goals.

Review Your Test Results with an Expert Coach one-on-one

  • A data-driven Personalized Anti-Aging Action Plan created by our knowledgeable coaches that includes weekly cellular training level activities to take place at Cerulean as well as other recommended activities and lifestyle changes.
  • An individualized exercise recommendation report with optimal heart rate and lactate threshold training zones for targeted exercise efficiency
  • A Personalized Nutritional (Micronutrient & Macronutrient) Recommendation.
  • 30-day Balanced Meal Planning Nutrition Program App to support data-driven healthy eating and weight loss. It’s like having your own nutritionist.
  • 30-day “Tracks What Matters” program

Select A Recommended Plan Starting From $345/Month

Our Natural Anti-Aging plans are individualized to your goals based on your baseline test results.

5 Key Components:

  • Cellular Health Training: Boost cellular health efficacy, MitoHealth, collagen production, lymphatic drainage efficiency and skin rejuvenation like never before, in an all-natural and chemical-free approach to feeling and looking your best! These programs are individualized according to your baseline test results and your preferences, and will include a customized weekly rotation selected from the following modalities: Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy,  Cellular Repair Therapy, Exercise Recovery Compression TherapyLower Body Lymphatic Drainage Compression Therapy, Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy Benefits:
    • Cellular Health:
      • Rejuvenate and repair your body at the cellular level
      • Reverse the aging effect caused by oxidative and nitrosative stress
      • Restore and maintain utmost vitality
      • Decrease inflammation throughout your entire body
      • Stimulate metabolic and immune systems
      • Strengthen the healthy mitochondria in the body for more energy and to help protect from various chronic degenerative diseases
    • Chemical-Free Skin Rejuvenation:
      • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles (face)
      • Reduce pore size & diminish dark spots (face)
      • Enhance skin tone and texture (Body & Face)
      • Return skin’s elasticity to that of a younger age (Body & Face)
      • Soothe puffiness, redness and skin irritations such as eczema, rosacea and dermatitis (Body & Face)
    • Lower Body Lymphatic Drainage Compression Therapy:
      • Tighten skin (after pregnancy or weight loss)
      • Prevent and reduce the development of cellulite
      • Contribute to prevention and reduction of varicose veins
      • Speed-up recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis, cavitation and other medical treatment
      • Improved metabolic waste removal
    • Monthly One-On-One Track What Matters (30) Minutes Consultation With One Of Our Expert Coaches To Review Test Results And Program Efficacy.
    • Monthly Cellular Health Re-test for cellular health improvement measurement
    • Nutritional Meal Planning Assistance App: Monthly balanced meal planning to support ideal weight management.
    • A data-driven lifestyle adaptation plan (nutrition, hydration, physical exercise/fitness optimum zones…) that is based on your individualized goals.

Feel and Measure Results

All our programs produce quantifiable and objective monthly results that are measured against your initial baseline test results. You will not only feel the effect of our programs, but you will be able to unequivocally measure the effect on your cellular health and chart your progress toward optimum wellness and longevity.