Are you slimming down BUT your scale refuses to acknowledge it?

The importance of body composition over scale weight

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words! 

If there was ever a doubt that scale weight (or BMI for the matter) as a mean to weight loss quantification or weight management is completely useless and misguided, the pictures below should help illustrate and appreciate that body composition (body fat – lean mass – intercellular and extracellular body water) is the only objective reinforcement (along with “before & after” pictures) that a person should consider and be looking for, when embarking on a “weight loss” program.

In fact, the term weight loss itself is inaccurate and misguided; people are typically looking for a fat loss, excess water reduction, lean mass gain program and a program that will help regulate and balance their overall body composition in an effort to look and feel their best.

At Cerulean, we promote weight change and weight management programs that include baseline and periodic body composition testing to help our clients set goals realistically and quantify progress objectively.

If the proof is in the pudding, here is the proof that scale weight is mostly useless....