Can I Use Cryo?

Can I use Cryo? Answers to Commonly Asked Cryotherapy Questions

Before trying Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy for the first time, you might have some questions. One of the most common questions CERULEAN receives is to explain Cryotherapy in more detail. But sometimes there are questions prospective clients might be too embarrassed to ask. This is why we want to answer any Cryo questions you may have.

I have breast implants; can I still use the Cryosauna?

  • Yes! Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy does not impact your body below the skin. It cools the top layer of your skin, and will not affect the implant at all. If you have breast implants, we recommend bringing a sports bra to wear during your cryo session. Although it is not required, altered breasts might remain cooler for longer following a session.

I recently had cosmetic surgery and want to keep it under wraps. Will Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy speed up the recovery process?

  • Any surgery, cosmetic or not, results in swelling and inflammation. During Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, the body releases anti-inflammatory proteins throughout the entire body. This will potentially decrease post-surgical inflammation, giving you a faster recovery and back to everyday life easier. It is not recommended to perform cryotherapy with any type of open wound or lesion, so we suggest you ask your doctor how soon you can add Cryo to your recovery plan.

I have body piercings, am I still able to use Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy?

  • Piercings on the face and ears are fine because the head is not inside the Cryosauna during a session. However, if you have piercings from the neck below our recommendation would be to remove them for the three-minute session. If this is not possible, an adhesive bandage should be placed over the piercing for the duration of the cryotherapy treatment.

I suffer from a mood disorder. Does Cryotherapy help with that?

  • A study conducted in Poland on the effects and Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy suggested that it may be a short-term treatment for mood disorders. Those who participated had a diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety, and after only three weeks of daily treatments, the Hamilton Depression rating scale and the Hamilton Anxiety rating scale both decreased by 50%. Meaning, those affected had improved moods and improved ability to cope with their symptoms. Whole Body Cryotherapy is not promoted as a way to treat a mood disorder, but an augmentation of a current treatment plan set by a physician.

If you have any questions about Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, our professional staff is always available to answer them for you. Don’t worry, no question is too embarrassing to ask, we will take time to answer each of your questions as thoroughly as possible. Call us at 480-362-3622 for answers.

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