Cryotherapy Combination Treatments

Cryotherapy Combination Treatments Give You Optimal Results

Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy itself can be an effective complement for pre-workout, post-workout, recovery from exercise or surgery, and a way to stimulate metabolism and the immune system and the list goes on. But if you are looking for results on a certain aspect of your body, then combining Cryotherapy with one of CERULEAN’s other modalities could give you optimal results while looking and feeling better on the inside and out.

Cellulite Reduction: try combining the circularity benefits of Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy with Lower Body Compression Therapy for the ultimate all-natural cellulite reduction and cellulite prevention dynamic duo therapy. A session of Lower Compression Body Therapy following a Cryotherapy session will lead to optimal results that will be more effective than using either of the two modalities alone. CERULEAN’s Lower Body Compression Therapy unit applies pressure throughout the circumference of the legs to promote reduction of the appearance of cellulite. Have varicose veins? Reduce or prevent them with this great combination of services. Whole Body Cryotherapy paired with Lower Body Compression Therapy, when applied consistently over time, will yield dramatic results that you will gush over.

Immune Health: A session of Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy will stimulate and strengthen the immune system and therefore decrease the chances of contracting a cold or the flu while yielding countless other benefits that improve your overall well-being and performance. When combined with Cellular Repair Therapy, you are now also stimulating and boosting your vitality and are set to perform at a higher level! Cellular Repair Therapy naturally supplements the body and repairs the cells from free radical damage, leading to anti-aging benefits that will optimize whole body health.

Faster Recovery: The benefits of Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy for improved and accelerated recovery seem to be endless. Among the many benefits include increased range of motion, decreased risk of injury, repair of sore muscles, and acceleration of the rehabilitation process, reduced inflammation, and decreased chronic pain. When strategically combined with Normatec Sport Recovery Compression Therapy, you will experience the most efficient recovery possible, optimize general wellness & performance, and minimize downtime between exercises or following an injury.

If you are looking for all-natural, non-invasive ways to get on the path to total health and wellness, then look no further. CERULEAN, in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, has everything you are looking for. We pride ourselves on being the most advanced and unique fitness and wellness facility to give our clients the best results and life possible.

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