Destination Cerulean

With one of the most comprehensive collections of non-invasive health and fitness modalities in the world, Cerulean is a destination for all those seeking to implement a better, more natural way to build their cellular efficacy, improve healthspan, vitality and longevity. Cerulean is also a world-class destination for athletes looking to boost performance or speed-up recovery from injury or surgery. Our unique 4-8 week altitude acclimation programs are producing unparalleled results for people preparing for a stay, a climb or a competition at altitude. Where ever you are based, we invite you to experience the exceptional Cerulean environment first hand.

We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is known for its outstanding shopping, dining, resorts and golf and its beautiful weather September – May. So there are plenty of ways to enjoy while you are here, and great places to stay. We can assist with accommodation arrangement.

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