How Cryotherapy from CERULEAN Can Help You

Whole Body Cryotherapy: More than a glorified ice bath

Most athletic professionals and amateurs are familiar with the traditional ice baths; you know the 10-15 minutes of torture you go through to minimize muscle soreness and decrease swelling. But, did you know that you could get even better benefits in a 2-3 minute less-invasive treatment and remain completely dry while doing it? Although the applications are comparable, the impact and benefits provided by Whole Body Cryotherapy are much more significant, and safer, than a simple ice bath.

For starters, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a dry process. Nitrogen gas is released into the Cryosauna and makes contact with the outer layer of the skin. Unlike the ice bath, the benefits of Cryotherapy are from tricking the body into thinking it is going into hypothermia, as opposed to actually experiencing it, leading to a cascade of events meant to preserve our vital organs during times of extreme cold.

A typical Whole Body Cryotherapy session is only two to three minutes long, not only making it more time-effective than an ice bath, but also providing incremental benefits. Following a session, you will experience various improvements in your body, including improved blood circulation, skin texture, immune system function, skin health & appearance, caloric expenditure, decreased recovery times, improved mood & energy, and much more.

Because the blood is not oxygenated during an ice bath, the benefits tend to have a limited effect over time. Whole Body Cryotherapy leads to a super-circulatory effect that enriches the blood stream, providing long-lasting benefits that remain for hours to days following a session.

Reaching your full potential starts with your workouts, but transformation occurs in your recovery. Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, or purely looking for an all natural way to stay healthy, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a dynamic and powerful enhancement to your life. Schedule your session at CERULEAN today!

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