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The story of CERULEAN started in 2014 when technologist and Cerulean founder Fabrice Dechoux's daughter, who was a 12 year-old nationally ranked USTA tennis player, saw her junior tennis career come to a halt as a result of a series of random injuries. Despite going through the recommended traditional medical and rehabilitation channels after each injury, injuries kept on coming. The pattern remained the same until a friend suggested to Dechoux to consult with an integrative medicine doctor. The doctor was able to quickly identified physiologic imbalances in his daughter’s body following some straight-forward cellular level testing. These imbalances had been the root cause of almost two years’ worth of physical injuries and frustration.

After this "discovery" and with some easy-to-implement diet changes and lifestyle adjustments to palliate to the physiologic deficiencies identified, Dechoux's daughter returned to tennis full-time, regained USTA national player level status and  received a collegiate Division 1 tennis scholarship. This simple-to-execute return to "normalcy" experience, and the frustration endured during this 2-year process, was enough to send Dechoux, who is an entrepreneur at heart, onto his next business venture that he named Cerulean.

CERULEAN opened its doors in the fall of 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ. The brick and mortar center focuses on cellular fitness and human health performance, using physiology as an underlying baseline and monitoring system to provide its clients with completely individualized plans to help them reach their fitness, wellness, and life performance goals with the utmost efficiency and predictability.

The center has successfully worked with individuals from all walks of life, top amateur and professional athletes, people with various compromised health conditions, referrals from various medical practices and clinics, and with people simply concerned with their wellbeing and healthspan.

In parallel to its physical center, Cerulean’s mobile division has been offering its medical-grade testing (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing or CPET/CPX, EKG, EEG, HRV, and Bio-Impedance Analysis/BIA) as an in-office ancillary service to the medical field since 2015.