Precision Hydration


The proper way to find out if you are properly hydrated or if you are suffering from some degree of chronic dehydration is to get a Biometric Hydration Assessment, the outcome will not only give you your current and chronic hydration status but will also give you, your personalized daily water intake needs based on your specific gender, body composition type, age, lifestyle, physiology, and activity level. Watch the video below to see how why you should have a Biometric Hydration Assessment.

The assessment is quick, easy, non-invasive and painless. Keeping your body properly hydrated will help keep you healthy.

Buy your Biometric Hydration Assessment today for ONLY $45.

You get:

  • Current hydration report (day of the test)
  • Chronic hydration status report (hydration status over time)
  • Personalized daily water intake (how much water you need to drink daily to reach optimum hydration)

You can also call us at 480.362.3622 to speak to one of our Precision Hydration Wellness Coaches.