At The Drip Room, we provide IV Vitamin Drips for health and wellness in a social environment. We’ve taken a traditional medical treatment and given it a modern twist. Visit our vitamin bar for a menu of “cocktails” that are good for you. We provide vitamin drips, shots, boosters, wellness packages, and more. Chat with friends in The Lounge or relax in one of our fabulous massage chairs.

Consult with one of our doctors or nurses and discover the perfect drip for you. No co-pays, no consult fees and no waiting for an appointment! Experience the most effective way to go beyond basic nutrient requirements and reach maximum vitality in about 30 minutes.

IV Drips are the best way to get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. By utilizing IV Drips, you bypass the GI system, allowing your body to absorb nutrition at the cellular level. Introduce mega doses of Vitamin C, B Vitamin complex, Magnesium, Zinc, Trace Elements and many more. Our IV Drips are targeted for specific results, such as Energy, Immunity, Athletic, Weight-Loss, Allergy and several others. At The Drip Room, we are also able to provide a customized IV Vitamin Drip to meet your specific needs, including the nutritional needs that are identified through the CERULEAN Physiological Fitness Testing.

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