Recovery Compression Therapy

The importance of proper recovery is an integral part of optimizing a physically active person or an athlete’s general wellness, performance and safety. Due to natural limitations of our body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems, the human body may requires up to 3 days to recover following a session of rigorous exercise, which equates to extended down-time or an unnecessary increased risk of injury at a time when the athlete or the individual could be making gains and back in the gym safely if adequate recovery had been taking place.

Recovery Compression Therapy (RCT) is using pulsatile motions of compressed air to massage the limbs and mobilize fluids. It is a vehicle to improved circulation and flexibility and can subsidies any reparative regimen for those individuals with limited activity and mobility secondary to injury or chronic issues. RCT is particularly effective to reduce swelling, accelerate lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation and sustain the reparative process while improving overall movement. We offer legs, glutes, hips, arms and shoulder compression sleeves.