Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy*

Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy (WBAC) has materialized as the natural evolution of the traditional ice bath and other form of cold recovery therapy to be the most bearable, more effective and less invasive form of cold therapy that exists today. Unlike in traditional cold therapy, muscles and core temperature are not brought down in temperature and therefore is less invasive and does not carry the drawbacks typically associated with traditional cold therapy. WBAC uses a cold environment (mist) to trigger a systematic response throughout the whole body that will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, and more importantly, will help your body and tired muscles recover faster from the stress of physical exercise by reducing inflammation and any swelling. Professional athletes across all sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, Soccer, boxing, MMA, etc.) have been using cryotherapy as a competitive edge in their recovery regimen and performance ability. There is an estimated 3.5 million WBC sessions taking place every year in the USA alone.

*People with the following conditions may not be candidates for Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy: Reynaud’s Syndrome, Heart Disease, pacemaker, COPD, Pregnancy, Hypertension, intrathecal pump, open wound or lesions. Please call our specialists to discuss your specific condition further.