Sports Performance & Recovery From Within

Boost your performance potential and accelerate your recovery timetable like never before.

For athletes of all ages, sports and disciplines looking for an unparalleled competitive edge in both performance ability and recovery speed.

CERULEAN’s unique “inside out” approach focuses on improving your cellular health efficacy and providing data-driven benefits ranging from improved athletic health and conditioning, to optimizing your training regimen, nutrition, hydration and recovery. Athletes subject their bodies to high levels of stress. Combating the stress and the toxic byproducts associated with aerobic and anaerobic metabolism is a crucial and yet often overlooked key required to transcend genetic plateaus and fully optimize athletic potential.

Our medical-grade testing provides the foundation for athletic success as well as on-going feedback to measure progress as you move forward.

Each plan is completely individualized to your performance objectives based on your test results physiological aptitude and cellular health.

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Our comprehensive Body360 assessment includes a series of non-invasive Physiological and Cellular Health Level tests that will help design and individualize your training program. The program targets identifying any issues and strengthening areas of interest based on individual goals. Just like in physical training, the body can be trained at the cellular level. In fact, cellular health is a vital component to your training regimen.

*You must be able to pedal on a bike or run on a treadmill for up to 15 mins to complete your Physio 360+ assessment. Not to worry, we offer another assessment for individual who are not able to bike or run.

Review Your Test Results one-on-one with Our Expert Coaches

  • A data-driven Performance and Recovery personalized action plan created by our expert coaches includes weekly cellular training activities at Cerulean, as well as other recommended activities and lifestyle changes based on test results and individualized goals.
  • An individualized exercise recommendation report with optimal HR and lactate threshold training zones for targeted training
  • A Personalized Nutritional (Micronutrient & Macronutrient) Recommendation plan
  • 30-day Balanced Meal Planning Nutrition App
  • 30-day “Tracks What Matters” program access

Select a Recommended (4 week) Program From $345-$845

Our various programs are individualized to your goals based on your baseline test results.

5 Key Components:

  • Faster recovery from stress of competitive sports or workouts
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and pain
  • Helps tired muscles to recover
  • Better oxygen utilization (increased serum EPO = more red blood cells for more efficient oxygen transport) resulting in:
    • Improved hemodynamic response (SpO2, heart rate, blood pressure)
    • Increased VO2max
  • Improved glycolytic energy production and endurance
  • Enhanced recovery time through improved metabolic waste removal
  • Improved resistance to oxidative stress
  • Flushing out of exhausted mitochondria (energy-producing cells) and accelerated proliferation of new mitochondria
    • Weakened mitochondria lose the ability to burn fat and rely on glucose as fuel, which produces a greater amount of oxidative stress
  • Strengthened immune system
  • A data-driven lifestyle adaptation plan (nutrition, hydration, physical exercise/fitness optimum zones…) that is based your individualized goals
  • Nutritional Meal Planning Assistance App: Monthly Balanced Meal Planning.
  • Monthly Cellular Health Re-test to quantify improvements
  • Monthly One-On-One Track What Matters (30) Minutes Consultation With One Of Our Expert Coaches To Review Test to quantify improvements Efficacy.

Feel and Measure Results

All our programs produce quantifiable objective results that are measured monthly against your initial baseline test results. You will not only feel the effect of our program on your performance and recovery, but you will be able to clearly measure the effect on your cellular health and your progress toward optimum athletic performance.


Weekly Athletic Recovery Package available at $195/week

Our weekly recovery packages include a weekly rotation across the following modalities: Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, Cellular Repair Therapy, Exercise Recovery Compression Therapy.