Tech Reporter Gets Naked, High And Frozen At New Scottsdale Wellness Center

Cryotherapy, compression therapy and hypobaric conditioning are not part of my usual workout or recovery routines, but I jumped at the chance this week to try these alternative treatments.

The opportunity arose Monday when I visited Cerulean, the new progressive athletic training and wellness center in Scottsdale opened by Tempe semiconductor software company CEO Fabrice Dechoux.

My story on the $1.5 million facility was posted online Tuesday, but I wanted to give readers a taste of a first-timer experiencing these non-invasive methods.

I briefly worked out in the high-altitude room on an exercise bike and an indoor water rower. The room also had weights, TRX straps and yoga mats.

The 1,800-square-foot room is the second largest in the country, other than similar high-altitude rooms at Olympic training centers, said Melissa Johns, Cerulean’s athletic and outreach program coordinator.

Working out in the room definitely made you lose your breath more easily after just a couple minutes of cycling.

The room is designed to give you a better workout and accelerate fat loss because your body has to adapt to the thinner air. You can work out in this room for 50 minutes and it’s equivalent to an 80-minute workout, Johns said. That sounds pretty nice to me.

“If you supplement our workout with your gym workout, you’re good to go,” Johns said. “It’s important to train at high altitudes.”

Click through the slideshow to see photos and learn more about the other modalities.
Hayley Ringle, Reporter
Phoenix Business Journal

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