The Most Useful Cryotherapy Benefits

What Are the Cryotherapy Benefits for Athletes?

It is no secret that Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has a myriad of benefits that can assist athletes in optimizing performance and career longevity. A two to three-minute session in the Cryosauna can contribute to overall well being and improved efficiency on and off the court, field, or road. Whole Body Cryotherapy can provide immense benefits to your athletic regimen, including:

A More Efficient & Effective Rehabilitation Process: Following an injury requiring surgery and/or extensive rehabilitation, the current standard is to complete a Physical Therapy regimen until your doctor provides a “return-to-play” clearance. The primary limitation leading to lengthy recovery is the inflammatory response associated with soft tissue injuries. By including Whole Body Cryotherapy into this regimen, you will likely experience relief of pain, increased energy, and decreased inflammation, leading to optimal recovery. The benefits associated with Cryotherapy are proven to expedite the rehabilitation process.

Accelerated Sports Injury Recovery: Whether the injury is mild or severe, Whole Body or Localized Cryotherapy is the solution for minimizing pain and discomfort. Following a session, the significant decrease in inflammation will lead to optimal recovery times for any type of soft tissue injury. In addition to sports injury recovery, WBC sessions speed up muscle recovery from intense workouts and may reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, (DOMS) leading to improved training day after day. Professional athletes and professional teams have been turning to this all-natural and non-invasive treatment, which takes only 2-3 minutes from a whole body treatment, and 10 minutes per area for localized Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy has been available to professional athletes in the US for over a decade with the NBA, NFL, MMA/UFC and Boxing leading the pack. Elsewhere and particularly in Europe, WBC has been available for nearly 40 years to athletes, wellness enthusiasts and celebrities alike. In the past 5 years, WBC has gained in recognition and practice in the US with every day people who are looking for help with pain management, recovery, fitness ability, energy deficiency improvement and even skin conditions improvement. CERULEAN is a full-blown athletic performance and wellness center that hosts the most advanced cryotherapy facility in Arizona and offers both whole body and localized Cryotherapy in the safest and upmost professional environment. CERULEAN Advanced Fitness & Wellness, located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Enhanced Stamina: Regular Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions have the potential to decrease fatigue, soreness and recovery time following rigorous exercise. Although a minority of athletes may report minor discomfort (cold) during the three-minute treatment, most welcome it because, not only do the benefits of improving strength and energy significantly outweigh these drawbacks but these same athletes will also admit that the discomfort during a 3 minute sessions in the Cryosauna never reach more than 10% of the amount of discomfort that they would experience during an ice bath session.

When used in conjunction with other great technologies available at CERULEAN, Cryotherapy has the ability to maintain, or even improve, an athlete’s stamina and conditioning while activity is limited due to injury.

Better Nights Sleep: Many athletes report improved quality of sleep following Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions. Inadequate or inconsistent sleep patterns can compromise the body’s ability to repair itself and prepare for the following day of training. Improved sleep associated with Cryotherapy can help improve overall athletic performance.

General Overall Wellness: Whole Body Cryotherapy improves blood circulation throughout the entire body and vital organs, leading to improvements in overall wellness and longevity. Due to exposure to extreme cold, the body is tricked into a preservation effect associated with hypothermia, leading to hyper-nourished, oxygenated, and rejuvenated blood sent back out to the body. This results are a boosted immune system, improved nutrient absorption, decreased stress, relief or joint and muscle pain, and the ability to perform more intense athletic training with less discomfort.

If you are an athlete, the Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy and Localized Arctic Cryotherapy services can elevate your game. The professional staff can also recommend other modalities to even further your potential.

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