Cellular health - Wellness & Longevity From Within

Make an invaluable investment in your cellular health.

For 45 to 75+ years young individuals who want to achieve and maintain a vigorous healthspan and a vibrant lifestyle.

Build cellular health efficacy and stimulate inner body adaptability to boost overall wellness, fitness, vitality, healthspan and longevity, today, and for years to come. Each plan is tailored to your individualized physiological aptitude and cellular health predisposition and aligned with your personal objectives.

Our medical-grade testing provides the foundation for your success and updates your progress as you move forward.

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Our comprehensive Body360 assessment includes a series of non-invasive Physiological and Cellular Health Level tests that will help design and individualize your training plan. The plan will focus on targeting any identified deficiencies and strengthening any areas of interest based on individual goals. Just like in physical training, the body can be trained at the cellular level -- cellular health is a vital component to any successful path to wellness and longevity.

*You must be able to pedal on a bike or run on a treadmill for a minimum of 6 minutes to complete your Physio 360+ assessment. Not to worry, we offer reduced assessment for individual who are not able to bike or run.

Review Your Test Results one-on-one with Our Expert Coaches

  • A data-driven Wellness and Longevity personalized action plan created by our expert coaches that includes weekly cellular training activities to take place at Cerulean as well as other recommended activities and regimen changes based on test results outcome and individualized goals
  • An individualized exercise recommendation report with optimal HR and lactate threshold training zones for targeted training
  • A Personalized Nutritional (Micronutrient & Macronutrient) Recommendation plan
  • 30-day Balanced Meal Planning Nutrition App
  • 30-day “Tracks What Matters” program access

Select A Recommended Plan Starting From $345/Month

Our Wellness & Longevity plans are individualized to your goals based on your baseline test results.

5 Key Components

  • Rejuvenate & repair your body at the cellular level
  • Restore and maintain utmost vitality
  • Decrease inflammation throughout your entire body/reduce pain
  • Improve metabolic waste removal
  • Enhance mental acuity
  • Boost collagen production
  • Boost cellular de-aging
  • Stimulate overall healthspan
  • A data-driven lifestyle adaptation plan (nutrition, hydration, physical exercise/fitness optimum zones…) that is based your individualized goals
  • Nutritional Meal Planning Assistance App: Monthly Balanced Meal Planning Nutrition plan.
  • Monthly Cellular Health Re-test to quantify improvements
  • Monthly One-On-One Track What Matters (30) Minutes Consultation With One Of Our Expert Coaches To Review Test to quantify improvements Efficacy.

Feel and Measure Results

All our plans produce quantifiable and objective monthly results that are measured against your initial baseline test results. You will not only feel the effect of our plan on you but you will be able to unequivocally measure the effect on your cellular health and your progress toward your optimum wellness and longevity.