Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness was created by a passionate team of focused professionals fueled by the founder’s vision that began in 2013, when Fabrice Dechoux was in search of healing for his promising tennis-playing, teen daughter. She had sustained a succession of injuries over two years and was struggling to get back into national level USTA junior tennis competition. After many doctor visits and traditional physical therapy sessions that altogether produced underachieving results, Fabrice turned to integrative medicine out of desperation. There, he discovered an approach that seeks to find the root cause of what may have triggered these injuries. They learned that a cellular deficiency was at the root cause, which had it been detected two years earlier, the path of chronic injuries likely would have been different.

He witnessed the beginning of an all-around recovery and return to health for his daughter at the same time she started a nutritional adjustment, Whole Body Cryotherapy regularly and a new a regimen to improve cellular health and wellness.

This was the beginning of an evolution of thought, which inspired more research to uncover other non-invasive ways to better condition the body to prevent injuries and aid in recovery.

He quickly realized that many top professional athletes and clients of advanced private clinics (mostly located in Europe) have access to an array of non-invasive modalities that were mostly unknown to the general public in the United States or at best scarce and overpriced. These modalities also offered tremendous wellness, vitality and longevity benefits for non-athletes, particularly in the domain of pain management, compromised health and “healthspan.”

His original goal had been to create a center for athletes, not realizing at the time the impact on wellness and longevity that was possible. Today, Cerulean touches more people on an even more important level of health and wellness more important than competitions. The concept of Cerulean was born to meet his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to heal others and make these amazing, breakthrough technologies available to everyone today. It is Dechoux’s dream that more and more people have access to what is possible today, and that people don’t have to settle by living with pain or living with a state of wellness way below what is possible today.

Cerulean is the manifestation of the vision of our founder to provide the ultimate destination for committed clients to achieve desired and, measurable improvements in their life and well-being to achieve optimal aging, enhanced longevity and higher levels of overall physical performance.

The latest thinking on improving cellular health, improving mitochondria function and reducing inflammation was our driver to assemble world-class testing, protocols and wellness applications under one roof for a committed clientele who seek the very best. The core of our program is the testing Cerulean provides that gives clients measureable and quantifiable validation that their commitment to the Cerulean lifestyle is making a difference for those on a quest to be their very best.

Our team remains committed to continuing on this quest for the most important opportunities to improve wellness, fitness, cellular de-aging, natural beauty, longevity and overall wellness is a fire that has been light that cannot be extinguished.