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Hyperbaric Oxygen Health And Modality Programs

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Health And Modality Programs

Cosmetic Surgery Program

Achieve true beauty from the inside out. Optimize and nourish the skin you are in with Hyperbaric Oxygen and Cellular Health Modality Programs at Cerulean. Accelerate your body’s natural healing processes recovering up to 50% faster with HBOT before and after surgery. Our comprehensive cellular modality programs are unique and tailored to measure, quantify, improve, and track your overall cellular health.

Every program is enhanced by hyper oxygenation therapy in our premium Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chambers, allowing you to synergistically strengthen your immune system, improve fitness and performance, decrease inflammation, and improve circulation. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, otherwise known as HBOT, has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a trusted integrative treatment, with several FDA approved conditions and many off-label conditions supported by clinical studies.

By hyperoxygenating your body in our Hyperbaric Chambers, you will be able to intake oxygen levels greater than breathing air at normal atmospheric pressure, stimulating a wide variety of regenerative responses.

HBOT & Modality Program Benefits at Cerulean

Our revolutionary hyperbaric protocols are designed to provide an environment that stimulates your body’s natural self-healing modalities by increasing the levels of oxygen available. This abundance of oxygen allows your body to improve surgical outcomes, reduce post-surgery inflammation, and upregulate collagen production for increased youthful skin.

These improved natural functions are proven to accelerate cosmetic surgery recovery times by up to 50% while also clearing toxins and reducing the impact of anesthesia. HBOT therapies also assist in improving the appearance of scars.


HBOT at Cerulean offers our athletes an unparalleled suite of premium hyperbaric therapies designed to provide the highest possible health impact.

Whether optimizing athletic performance or supporting injury recovery, our three unique protocol offerings are designed to get you back in the game.


Our hard-shell hyperbaric chambers are medical-grade & FDA approved to treat medical conditions. Soft-Shell hyperbaric oxygen chambers are not.


Our mono-place Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers allow for personalized treatment with only one individual at a time in the chamber


Our chambers allow you to optimize cognitive & physical improvements by customizing and regulating accurate oxygen levels & pressure fluctuations.

Hard-Shell Chambers at Cerulean

At Cerulean we offer mono-place hard shell hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for one individual at a time. Hospitals and professional-grade clinics only use hard-shell hyperbaric oxygen chambers leveraging programmable PSI variability. Hard shell chambers are medical grade

Oxygen concentration levels and pressure levels in hard-shell hyperbaric oxygen chambers are higher and deliver results that cannot be achieved with soft-shell chambers.

hyperbaric therapy & stem cell mobilization

Hyperbaric therapy stimulates the mobility of your body’s most powerful healing mechanism: Stem Cells. Combining a pressurized environment and pure oxygen therapy, HBOT oxygenates your body, supercharging your naturally-occurring healing mechanisms. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, “a typical course of hyperbaric oxygen treatments increases by eight-fold the number of stem cells circulating in a patient’s body.”

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