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Infrared Light Bed Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy and Near Infrared Light Therapy technologies have been around for decades and are commonly known as Red Light Therapy (RTL). Red light therapy uses low wavelength red light technology that is invisible to the human eyes and has no known side effects. As often the case is with emerging technologies, NASA first experienced with RTL for plant growth in space and wound healing in astronauts. Red Light Therapy is FDA-cleared.

In the past 15 years, Red Light Therapy has found its way into health and wellness for the general public, in the form of panels (localized) or Infrared light bed therapy for whole body treatment.

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Near Infrared Light Bed Therapy

Red and Near Infrared
Light Attributes

At CERULEAN, we offer Infrared and near infrared light therapy combined in the form of whole body red Light bed therapy which treats the entire body from brain-to-toe. Our Light Bed Therapy unit is best-in-class and is set to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. While Red Light delivers wavelength at 660nm that is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, Near infrared Light (NIR) delivers wavelength at 850nm that penetrates into deeper tissues. The combination of RLT and NIR delivers the ultimate recovery and regenerative treatment available that delivers a multifaceted range of benefits:

Infrared Light Bed Therapy

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