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Professional Sports Recovery in Scottsdale AZ

Accelerate Athletic Recovery and Return to Competition After Physical Injury or Concussion


Whether you are an individual professional athlete, a member of a professional sports team, or a professional sport team looking to optimize an athlete speedy return to competition after surgery or an on-the-field injury, CERULEAN PRO-SPORT-RECOVERY program is here to help you achieve just that. Our non-invasive and hands-off program focuses on two very specific areas for injured athletes:

ACCELERATING RECOVERY with the use of medical-grade and FDA-approved Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT):

Scientific research shows that HBOT can help:

  • Reduce inflammation and accelerate physical recovery by 30%- 50%
  • Eradicate or significantly reduce post-concussion symptoms

MAINTAINING CONDITIONING while injured with the use of Sedentary Hypobaric Therapy (SHT) in our C-POD:

SHT provides an opportunity for any athlete who is experiencing limited physical mobility to still “exercise while injured”. It is done in a 100% sedentary manner, using sit-down dynamic altitude training thereby maintaining and boosting the followings health performance metrics without any physical activity involved:

  1. Intracellular ATP production in red blood cell
  2. Lung capacity
  3. VO2MAX

The CERULEAN team has worked with many professional athletes since 2016 and has 30+ years of combined experience with the use of these modalities to deliver a safe and effective program for any injured athlete, regardless of the sport. At CERULEAN, we understand the privacy aspect requirements of working with high-caliber athletes and professional teams, and we always prioritize the athlete well-being and safety in the most effective and discretionary way.

We look forward to partnering with you to help you or your athletes speed-up their physical return to the field and accelerate their return to “game-shape” condition.

To learn more about HBOT and SHT or to schedule a tour of our facility, please reach out to our team using the form below:

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