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What Cellular Repair Therapy Can Mean For You

The Benefits of Cellular Repair Therapy

The focus of modern medical science has shifted to the cellular level. Molecular biologists are the superstars of the medical research world, trying to understand how DNA, nutrients, amino acids, toxins such as free radicals and a plethora of other cellular chemicals interact in order to optimize human potential and wellness, while avoiding illness.

If you could improve your health on a cellular level – apart from eating right, exercising occasionally and avoiding hazards like smoking – without even running the risk of side effects caused by ingesting concentrated chemicals, wouldn’t you go for it? This is what Cellular Repair Therapy (CRT) offers.

As is increasingly the approach in the life sciences, CRT works with natural processes by enhancing a bodily signal called ROS (or Reactive Oxygen Species) repair. Otherwise known as free radicals, ROS damage the cell through a process known as oxidative stress. This is natural, and so the body is equipped with repair mechanisms to undo the damage. The concept behind CRT is simply to reinforce the natural signal which initiates repair processes, bolstering the body’s own response.

Since healthy cells make up a healthy body, this can lead to improved utilization of nutrients and oxygen, better immune function, lower toxin levels through improved waste removal, and diminishing the effects of aging. Improved performance at the cellular level can even lead to systemic results such as a decrease in chronic pain, rapid recovery from illness or injury, and improved energy and physical stamina.

While you should certainly see a qualified MD if you are suffering from serious symptoms, CRT may offer benefits in parallel to more conventional methods. Even if you don’t feel sick, a course of CRT can serve to increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and improve your general level of wellness. This will be of particular benefit to individuals whose bodies are subjected to high levels of stress, such as high-performance sports players, individuals suffering from chronic illness, or those just regaining their health.

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