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Wellness and Longevity From Within

Wellness and Longevity From Within

Natural wellness, healthy living, longevity and vitality are at the forefront of most everyone’s minds, particularly as we age. Aging is inevitable, but getting old is a much more influenceable and controllable process – as long as we actively invest in it! The challenge is to understand where and how to invest to get the best health and healthspan return on investment.

Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning feeling physically and mentally capable of taking on the day, feeling energized and the best possible version of themselves? Eating the right foods and exercising is a vital component of the equation, but do we really know how to manage these tasks?

We must take into consideration that every individual human body is different; every single body has slightly different needs and requirements to perform at its best. Thus, the wellness investment equation is slightly more complex than simply “eat right and exercise.”

The ability to solve this equation with confidence lies in the intimate understanding of our inner health and wellness down to our body’s cellular health level. As complex as this may sound, this can be easily accomplished through a series of non-invasive physiological tests that quickly provide baseline data points to enable a data-driven approach to wellness and longevity, which will not only align with the particular needs of a specific human body, but can also be individualized and aligned with a person’s lifestyle objective.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your physiological baseline testing and “know your numbers”:

  1. Your inner body is the other 50 percent that makes up your entire body! It is as critical to your success as the engine is to a racecar.
  2. Understand your starting point based on quantitative data rather than how you feel or how you think the path forward should be.
  3. Avoid applying generic solutions to a highly individualized requirement.
  4. Instead, step into the world of Predictive and Quantifiable Results: Follow specific fitness, exercise and diet recommendations that are tailored to your own body. These are likely to generate predictive results because all intricacies of your inner body have been taken into consideration in the development of the plan forward.
  5. Benefit from quantitative positive reinforcement.

As our understanding of health and wellness continues to advance, the importance of knowing what’s going on inside our bodies becomes clearer. If you’re interested in learning more about baseline physiological testing, CERULEAN Human Health Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides actionable tools on how to achieve your healthiest life, specific to your body’s individual needs. Whether you do some, all, or none of what CERULEAN suggests, you are given the critical data and information about your own body and how to invest to improve your path to wellness and longevity from within.

This article first appeared in the June issue of Green Living Magazine. (link to: )