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Why Your Scale Is Not The Best Way To Track Progress

Are you obsessed with the number on your scale?

Specifically, decreasing that number? Well, we are here to tell you it’s time to throw it out. The number you see when you look down is not telling you the whole picture when it comes to your unique body and overall health. Lift your head up; it is time for you to understand the truth.

In hopes of seeing that number go down, many will go on a restricted diet. This is definitely effective, the number will decrease, but most likely they will lose muscle in the process. Focusing too heavily on weight loss usually leads to simply looking like a smaller version of the same body. Since fit, healthy and toned is the desired body image in today’s society, the old “weigh yourself every day” mindset just doesn’t work anymore.

So, what’s the next best thing?

What you see in the mirror? Not necessarily. Basing your progress simply off what you see in the mirror can also be inaccurate and defeating. While taking progress photos will show a significant improvement long term, it is difficult to track short-term progress based solely off what you see in the mirror. Especially since what you see in the mirror does NOT tell the whole story of how healthy your body truly is.

What IS the best way to track progress?

Tracking progress is one of the best ways to stay motivated when on a fitness and healthy journey, especially for goal oriented people. We completely understand, at CERULEAN data driven results is one of our main focuses. We believe the most accurate way to track progress is to track changes in your body composition.

Knowing your body composition will tell you the most accurate story of your progress – tracking changes in your body composition is not necessarily something you can see in the mirror, or on a scale. When you replace fat with muscle the scale WILL go up, likely leading to a feeling of defeat and seeing a distorted image of your body in the mirror. A body composition test, such us our Cellular360 test, would show you much more accurate and hopefully positive results. Seeing your progress in this way will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to continue progressing.