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How Quickly Are You Aging?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “how quickly am I aging?” It’s a pretty normal thing to wonder, will you be one of those men or women who looks younger than their age forever? Or, will your friends be shocked at your next school reunion? Well guess what, with today’s technology you actually can find out how quickly you’re aging. While many people are informed about the idea of assessing body composition, very few people are aware of a measurement called Phase Angle.

Body fat percentage is a strong indicator of a persons overall current health state, but Phase Angle is an equally useful metric that can help predict pace of aging or detect future health issues.

Phase Angle can be a complex metric to explain, so we’ve decided to simplify it for you. The simple fact is that Phase Angle goes up when you are healthy and down when you are unhealthy. Phase Angle is a direct measurement of your cell membrane integrity, and the distribution of water within and outside the cell. Throughout the natural aging process your Phase Angle will decrease. As you age, “your body loses its capacity to repair and return over new cells as quickly as it did in its youth. The true age of a human being can be determined by the changes in the Phase Angle… when you increase your Phase Angle, you slow down aging” (Dr. Howard Murad, The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger).

In other words, your Phase Angle is a measurement of the overall health of your cells that can be measured with a simple non-invasive test like our Cellular360 assessment. It can help you identify possible health risks and track the progress of any changes you make to your healthy lifestyle. The healthier your cells are the better your body is at preventing unwanted substances from entering the cell and causing issues and disease; the healthier your cells are the slower you age! We wanted to take the time to simplify this topic for you because we believe it is an incredibly empowering feeling to know that you have so much power when it comes to your bodies aging process.