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The Connection Between Weight Gain And Inflammation

Inflammation can be a confusing topic, because while some inflammation is healthy and part of the body’s natural healing process, certain kinds of inflammation can have serious negative effects on the body.

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This long list of negative effects includes weight gain. Poor habits like unhealthy eating and lack of exercise are big factors when it comes to weight gain, but they are also major causes of increased chronic inflammation; chronic inflammation being the “bad” kind of inflammation. Not only do these habits cause inflammation, but they also result in producing more fat cells in the body. Fat cells are capable of creating chemical signals in the body that lead to MORE chronic inflammation.

If fat cells are capable of causing chronic inflammation in the body, it is reasonable to say that weight gain contributes to chronic inflammation. As we continue to gain weight, the fat cells work over time to store the extra calories we are consuming as fat. This process just fuels the chronic inflammation fire in your body! It is a vicious and unhealthy cycle.

The best way to break this cycle and avoid the possible long-term effects, is to take steps to both reduce inflammation and reduce the amount of fat cells in your body. A great place to start is to figure out where you stand by taking a physical test like the Cellular 360 test we offer at CERULEAN. This test will measure your levels of inflammation and your body composition, giving you a precise idea of how much fat you need to lose to achieve optimal health.

You can then start making healthy changes to your diet, such as adding these anti-inflammatory foods to your grocery list. Start moving your body more. Find activities you enjoy that increase your heart rate! The great thing about starting off with a physical test is you can track your progress by re-testing. It is empowering to see that your healthy choices begin to lower your inflammation levels and shift your body composition!

You deserve to live the happiest and healthiest life possible, all it takes is a bit of motivation and consistent healthy choices.