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Knowing Your Numbers and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Why Knowing Your Numbers Will Empower You To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Natural wellness, healthy living, longevity, and vitality are at the forefront of most everyone’s mind. Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning feeling physically and mentally capable of taking on the day, energized and the best possible version of themselves? The problem is most people are not sure how to go about achieving those results so they get discouraged, or worse, they don’t even try! Eating the right foods and exercising is definitely a vital part of the equation, but the truth is the generic one size fits all diet and exercise programs do not work the same for everyone.

Every individual body is different, everybody responds to certain diets and certain forms of exercise differently. Your body is unique and the way you nourish and take care of it should be unique to you. While you might be feeling and noticing progress, how can you be sure that what you are doing today is the right thing for you on the inside? Understanding your health down to the cellular level through CERULEAN’s physiological testing can help pinpoint the exact exercise and diet program that is right for you. Here are a few reasons why you should KNOW YOUR NUMBERS:

  • No generic solutions: You will receive very specific suggestions that are tailored to your specific goals and what is best for your body to achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality.
  • No more guessing: You might have things going on in your body that you can’t necessarily see or feel on your own, so knowing your numbers can help determine whether your current plan is working for your body and what you can do to make improvements and avoid plateaus. This is all based on objective quantitative data rather than how you feel or what you think works for you.
  • Accessibility, convenience, and affordability: These tests have historically only been available to elite athletes, at specialized physiology labs or at very high-end medical spa/clinics, and at a hefty cost. CERULEAN, we wanted to make the highest quality test results accessible, convenient and affordable to all individuals wanting to regain, maintain or optimize their life performance.
  • Predictive results: When you know your numbers you can more accurately predict how changes in your diet and exercise will impact your body. The specific intricacies of your body, down to the cellular level, are taken into account to make a plan for you moving forward.
  • You will feel EMPOWERED: When you know your numbers, you know exactly where you stand, and have a specific plan to get where you want to go you will feel a sense of empowerment – you will understand that YOU are in control of your health, longevity, and vitality.

At CERULEAN we are committed to helping educate people on how they can live more vital lives, which is why we not only provide our clients with their physiological test results but apply this data to create actionable recommendations and a data-driven path to success.