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Four misconstrued stumbling blocks to weight-loss

Do you find yourself struggling to find a clear plan to lose the weight and keep it off, once for all?

RESET YOUR APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS/WEIGHT MANAGEMENT FOR LIFE and find out four misconstrued stumbling blocks that can decrease or even derail the results that you deserve.

# 1 Dehydration: Dehydration reduces metabolism and promotes retention of unwanted water weight. It’s simple, if you’re not hydrating YOUR body properly, you won’t see the results you want. The “old eight glasses” adage is a myth. Every single body needs its own individualized approach to proper hydration. Get a hydration test and find out your body’s hydration level and your ideal daily water intake requirement to help you reach proper hydration level and enable your body to lose body fat effectively.

# 2 Inflammation: similar to dehydration, inflammation in your body makes your body holds on to weight no matter how much you exercise. If you are not pro-actively taking steps toward understanding the level of inflammation in your body and taking steps toward reducing it, you are leaving weight loss results on the table and limiting your chance to reach your goals. Your hydration marker test (quick & non-invasive) will help assess the level of inflammation (fluid) in your body. Another option is to get a C-reactive protein (CRP) which is a blood test marker for inflammation in the body (more cumbersome and you still need a hydration test)

#3: Generic “one size fits all” caloric consumption recommendations based on BMI or scale weight:  generic recommendations based on BMI or scale weight are by design destined to produce generic outcomes and simply cannot not yield optimum lasting results. Because YOUR body is unique, it needs an individualized approach to daily caloric consumption, whereas generic recommendations have the potential to significantly slow down the progress that you deserve and could affect your ability to reach your ultimate goals. Get your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) marker test will allow you to understand precisely how many calories YOUR body requires on a daily basis, in order to lose the body fat effectively and more importantly, safely.

# 4: Generic exercise recommendation: When it comes to your specific body, not all exercise regimens are created equal! Exercising too intensively, too much, not enough or at the wrong heart rate target zone under genericrecommendations will work against your efforts and goals. If you’re not exercising in individualized targeted fat-burn heart rate exercise zones defined for YOUR specific body, you won’t get the burn and fatloss that you are looking for. Get your VO2 max & Anaerobic Threshold fitness performance test to understand your level of fitness and how to optimize your exercise regimen (heart rate exercise zones) for ultimate fat burn based on YOUR body’s cardiovascular fitness.

At Cerulean, we offer all the physiological testing, the experience, the support and the programs that you need to enable a completely data-driven, individualized and sustainable weight (fat) loss journey that will become a natural byproduct effect of your overall health and wellness.