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Prevent and Protect from Injury!

When embarking on a fitness journey you open yourself up to the possibility of injury while training. However, this is not a valid reason to avoid fitness! There are simple tips you can follow to stay healthy and injury free.

  1. Stay Hydrated! It may seem like water wouldn’t have much to do with injury. However, dehydration can cause you to lose coordination and lack focus. Keep up on your water intake and you will stay focused and refreshed.
  2. Work that warm up! Make sure to give yourself ample time to elevate your heart rate and warm up the muscles you will be using in your workout.
  3. Work hard, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, rest hard! When you’re pushing your body to the limit you need to make sure you prioritize rest- and incorporate at least one rest day per week.
  4. Fuel for fitness! Giving your body the proper foods and amount of food will help you recover and rebuild so that you’re ready for the next killer workout.

Finding fitness that works for you is a fun and life-changing process. To make sure you don’t get burnt out or benched from an injury be sure to follow these tips!