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6 Simple Ways To Stay Hydrated

Let’s get going. We completely understand that life gets busy, drinking enough water can easily slip your mind. Besides the obvious feeling of being thirsty (which means it is already too late), other indications of dehydration include dry mouth, tiredness, urine is more yellowish than normal, headache, dry skin and dizziness. More severe symptoms of dehydration …

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When embarking on a weight loss journey, the most common first step is to set a goal. This seems like a harmless step that will help you succeed. However, if not executed properly your goal could be your demise. If your goal is unrealistic or unclear, it can lead to you feeling discouraged and unfocused, …

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5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There is just so much bad advice out there, we wanted to make sure that you are informed about these weight loss myths. “All calories are created equal” – While it is true that a calorie is simply a measure of energy, which means that all calories have the same energy content; this is a …

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The Connection Between Weight Gain And Inflammation

Inflammation can be a confusing topic, because while some inflammation is healthy and part of the body’s natural healing process, certain kinds of inflammation can have serious negative effects on the body. If you want a better understanding of the different types of inflammation you can click over to this blog post. This long list …

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Why Your Scale Is Not The Best Way To Track Progress

Are you obsessed with the number on your scale? Specifically, decreasing that number? Well, we are here to tell you it’s time to throw it out. The number you see when you look down is not telling you the whole picture when it comes to your unique body and overall health. Lift your head up; …

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Don’t sleep on this eazzzy way to help reach your optimal weight!

When it comes to trying to reach an optimal weight, everyone is quick to change their diet, daily physical activity and exercise routine. That is, of course, a great place to start. However, one aspect of health that is often forgotten in weight management plans is sleep. Yes, as simply as it sounds, sleep can play a significant role in weight loss and weight management.

Are you slimming down BUT your scale refuses to acknowledge it?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words! If there was ever a doubt that scale weight (or BMI for the matter) as a mean to weight loss quantification or weight management is completely useless and misguided, the pictures below should help illustrate and appreciate that body composition (body fat – lean mass – intercellular and extracellular body water) is the only objective reinforcement (along with “before & after” pictures) that a person should consider and be looking for, when embarking on a “weight loss” program.